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Sketch Runner


This is a fun little infinite runner app for Android phones. Through unforeseeable circumstances, someone was transplanted into a sketch he doodled on his homework. Unfortunately, he also drew a shark on the page, and is now utterly at its mercy! Take the pen to paper and draw objects to help guide him to safety. Bridges, ramps, bounce pads, and slippery banana peels are all at your disposal to help prevent him from crashing and being eaten by the hungry shark.

Gameplay Features

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Absolutely Free
Sketch Runner is COMPLETELY FREE. Free of charge, free of ads, free of in-app purchases. Just plain old no-traps-or-hidden-fees free.

Simple, Intuitive Gameplay
All you have to do is touch the screen to draw. Draw ramps, bridges, bounce pads, and bananas to help avoid obstacles. Collect pencils along the way for extra points.

How do you match up? See how your score stands against the world in the leaderboards, powered by Google Play.

Six different achievements to test what you accomplish. Can you unlock them all?

An ever-changing environment means that no two play-throughs are exactly the same, allowing for hours of shark-avoiding fun.


Hop on over to Google Play to download now!