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World of Grey

Aimi Hana
Introducing: Aimi Hana
Meet Aimi, the poor orphan girl of the outer slums and sole caretaker for her younger brother. After her parents were lost to the famine, she supported her brother out of the pitiful wage she earned from sewing in a sweatshop factory. A series of events led to the loss of that job. Desperate, Aimi turned to thievery, relying on her few shreds of magical knowledge to succeed--and keep herself and her brother alive.

Play as Aimi as new events shatter the fragile balance she has obtained, leading to the discovery of deep secrets and the mysteries behind the sunless existence in the World of Grey.

Gameplay Features
  • A new adventure for Android in the classic point and click style
  • Beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds
  • Atmospheric black and white line art style
  • A host of characters, and an intruging fantasy world
  • A variety of puzzles built around the environment, items, spells, and people
  • Free first episode